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A SwiftUI RSS Reader + Push App

NewsFlash is an RSS newsreader for iOS that allows you to tailor your newsfeeds to your choosing. You can follow those feeds you truly love and read articles the way you're used to reading them: Your web browser! With this app, you can:

Screenshot of the NewsFlash app. Overview of the app's newsfeed. Screenshot of the NewsFlash app. Preview of a opened article. Screenshot of the NewsFlash app. The app's configurability.

Custom Push Notifications

Push notifications can be sent via POST requests to https://mich312.com/api/push.php. The following set of parameters must be set for the notification to be delivered.

device_token The device token, which can be copied in the settings of the app on your device.
message_sender Source label of the Notification (e.g. my WebApp)
message_thread_id Group ID of the Notification. Notifications are grouped together by iOS using this key (e.g. Technology).
message_push_url The URL destination the app will open if the Notification is clicked.
headline Notification content preview. The text that will be shown in the notification if it has not been expanded.
message_body The detailed Notification content is shown when expanding a Notification (via longpress or dragging the notification downwards). The content can be formatted via HTML and CSS.
interruption_level Send the message with time-sensitive as argument to send a time sensitive notification.

Push Notification Playground

The following form can be used to send testnotifications to your device. Simply fill out all parameters and hit send.